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Trophy Rock Apple Bomb Fortified Long-Range Deer Attractant

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MINERALS FOR DEER Trophy Rock is an all natural attractant that provides deer 60+ trace minerals needed for optimum health. Deer love and lick our mineral rocks year-round! Use it to attract, inventory, and scout out your herd. With Trophy Rock, your deer receive the minerals they need, and you'll get healthier herds and bigger bucks. WHY WE LOVE IT KEEP DEER COMING BACK Deer love Trophy Rock mineral licks. They return to it again and again, giving you the satisfaction of watching them grow. ALL-NATURAL MINERALS Other big game attractants use chemicals; however, Trophy Rock for deer is an all-natural deer attractant that you can feel good about giving the herd. HELP DEER GROW Without sufficient minerals, deer cannot reach their maximum potential. With Trophy Rock all-natural minerals, deer have the nutrients they need. LASTS LONGER THAN BLOCK Our mineral rock lasts longer in the field than competitors, giving you more bang for your buck. TRAIL CAM COMPANION Get the best trail cam shots using rocks and minerals from Trophy Rock as deer attractant. MINED IN THE USA Trophy Rock is mined in Utah, USA from an ancient salt deposit dating back to the Jurassic era. Your purchase supports American jobs and the American economy. KEY INGREDIENTS Unrefined Mineral Salt GUARANTEED ANALYSIS   Min Max Calcium 0.35 0.85 Phosphorous % 0.0002   Salt % 91.0 96.0 Magnesium % 0.06   Potassium % 0.03   Sulphur % 0.07   Sodium % 34.0 39.0 Zinc ppm 1   Iron ppm 300   Copper ppm 3   Manganese ppm 5   Iodine ppm 10     WHY TROPHY ROCK IS DIFFERENT Trophy Rock is not manufactured, it’s mined. Redmond’s minerals are harvested from the crystallized remains of a Jurassic sea that’s been protected for thousands of years by a volcanic bentonite clay cap. This incredible deposit located in Utah, USA is geologically unique and serves as the foundation for all of our deer mineral supplements. Redmond’s minerals contain a few different salts. However, one glance at the natural color variation of a Trophy Rock mined from this rich deposit shows there’s so much more packed in our rocks—60+ minerals to be exact!