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Zoetis Dormosedan® Sterile Solution 20 ml

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With 30 years of use, DORMOSEDAN® Sterile Solution (detomidine hydrochloride) provides veterinarians with safe and reliable sedation and analgesia1 that is rated highest of all equine sedatives for efficacy, safety and reliability.1,2 DORMOSEDAN is a synthetic alpha 2 adrenoceptor agonist that is a non-narcotic sedative and analgesic that can be used safely in horses for a variety of minor surgical and diagnostic procedures. The a2 selectivity of DORMOSEDAN allows it to bind specifically to a2 adrenoceptors to produce predictable, reliable and effective sedation and analgesia. DORMOSEDAN allows dosing flexibility so you can accurately regulate the depth and length of sedation and analgesia. DORMOSEDAN's unique combination of sedation with pain control helps ensure compassionate care of the horse during procedures such as dentistry, standing surgeries, lacerations, castrations, colics, shockwave therapy, regenerative treatments, and more.