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  • Fall is the Best Time to Start Bird Feeding

    Although there is never a wrong time to put out a bird feeder, the most helpful time is at the beginning of fall right after the season has changed. During spring and summer, there are a plethora of natural food sources for birds from insects to plants, but as the seasons change, so do their diets and their sources become scarce. Birds have a high protein diet in the warmer months which they obtain through insects, lizards, small animals, and nectar. As winter approaches they move to a seed and fruit-based diet to pack on calories so they can sustain themselves through winter. Keeping your feeders out through the cooler months can help your local birds and many migratory birds stay full and healthy as the temperatures drop. There are even special winter mixes in bird seed that you can buy that contain all the different nutrients and fats they will need.
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  • a cat lies on a rug waiting for cat food

    Feeding The Best Cat Food

    When it comes to feeding your cat the best quality food at the best quality price, check out Southern States. For your pet, as well as feral cats, for kittens through senior cats.
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  • a rider practicing good horse show etiquette

    Good Etiquette for Horse Shows

    As a parent or supporter of a rider, you only want what's best for your child. After a great deal of practice and preparation, your rider is ready to show his or her skills in the competition arena. And there are things you can do to help. By following a few etiquette suggestions, you can make sure
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  • Tips on How to Care For Your New Baby Chicks

    Tips on How to Care For Your New Baby Chicks

    Whether you are raising chickens for eggs, meat, or as a hobby, you want to ensure that your brood stays healthy. The experts at Southern States know that keeping your chicks warm, watered and fed is the key to raising happy, healthy chicks. Just follow these tips and you will be off to a great start!
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  • keeping baby chicks warm with a heat lamp

    How to Keep Baby Chicks Warm

    Because it is essential that new chicks stay warm without overheating, it’s a good idea to prepare their brooder at least 24 hours before their arrival. Selecting the right heat lamp and setting the ideal temperature will ensure a healthy climate for your chicks.
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  • Cows grazing on spring pasture

    Spring Pasture Renovation

    From time to time, pastures need to be renovated. Pasture renovation is a relatively easy process that involves improving the soil pH, controlling weeds and adding new seed to increase forage yield and quality.
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  • cattle grazing in a fall pasture

    Fertilizing Pasture in the Fall

    Fall is a great time to evaluate the condition of your cool-season pastures and apply fertilizer as needed. Fall fertilization will increase tillering, shoot branching, winter survival and overall plant density per square foot. First, test your soil and determine its pH.
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  • The Details of Diet Balancers

    Making sure your horse maintains a balanced diet can be a problem that leaves you both scratching your head and worrying over your wallet. Diet balancers can be an effective way to eliminate these worries and get you the most bang for your buck - and get your horse the most bang for their bite.
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  • How Birds Act As Pollinators

    When we think of pollinators and attracting pollinators to our yard, we often think of bees and other insects, but birds are one of the most important pollinators on our planet. In North America, hummingbirds are one very important species of bird pollinators, but globally there are more than 2,000 bird species that help more than 300 families of flowering plants reproduce.
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