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Get Your Inoculant “And Then Some” With Locus AG Biologicals

Now available through Southern States!
February is Inoculant Month!

February is Inoculant Month!

To celebrate, we’re featuring Locus
AG’s Rhizolizer® Prime inoculants with biologicals.

Dry, hopper-box applied products includes:

  • Rhizobia: nitrogen-fixing microbial inoculant


  • Trichoderma and Bacillus: novel microbial powerhouse strains added for agronomic boosts

Crop-Specific Formulations Available for: Soybeans, Peanuts, Cover Crops, Alfalfa/Clover, Peas/Lentils/Chickpeas and Dry Beans

Rhizolizer® Prime Intro PDF

Rhizolizer® Prime Tech Sheet

Locus AG biologicals aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re Simply Vital to your farming success this season.

Ask your local Southern States Agronomy Specialist to get started today!

Agronomic Advantages

Boosts soybean yields by an average of 3 bu/acre!

Boosts soybean yields by an average of 3 bu/acre!

Proven to:

  • Expand Root Growth
  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
  • Enhance Plant Vigor
  • Boost Yields

How it Works

Microbes are mixed with a talc/graphite carrier, applied to the seeds in the hopper box at time of planting.

The microbes coat the seeds and working at “time zero,” or the time of seed germination.

Novel strains are endophytic, so they enter the plant tissues and create a symbiotic relationship with the plant.

Microbes support early root development and crop emergence for a quicker time-to-harvest.

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Only Locus AG's Rhizolizer Prime line includes the Rhizobia nitrogen-fixing inoculant. All products contain beneficial microbes that bring agronomic benefits to crops. 

Ask your local Southern States Agronomy Specialist for more details.