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Protecting your wheat crop

The products you need to protect your yield.

The products you need to protect your yield.

Protect your wheat crop with a winning combination. Harmony Extra SG Herbicide, FMC Topguard® EQ Fungicide and FS Talent allow growers to customize their control and protect their yield.

Your Southern States Agronomy Specialist can help you select everything you need to protect your wheat crop this growing season. Don't forget to ask about our flexible financing options that allow you to market your crops before paying in March 2025. 

Harmony Extra SG

Harmony Extra SG herbicide allows growers to customize their control.

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FMC Topguard® and Topguard® EQ fungicides are highly systemic with translaminar activity that provides bottom-to-top disease control.

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FS Talent

FS Talent is a fully loaded nonionic surfactant with built in deposition and drift reduction technology.

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Make Preventative Control Your First Priority

Take the proactive approach to disease control with highly systemic Topguard® fungicide.

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FS Talent Sales Sheet

Drift reduction agent, nonionic surfactant & deposition aid

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