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The opportunity

The opportunity

We’ve designed a data-driven crop plan powered by technology to help you adopt new products with confidence while optimizing your yield potential. When you follow the simple steps, you’ll unlock the full potential of our top-performing products. If the plan doesn’t meet or beat your Benchmark Yield, you’ll receive a per-acre credit from Southern States Cooperative.

Crop Plan Details


1 Purchase the following products from Southern States:

  • FS® InSPIRE Wheat
  • Anthem® Flex Herbicide
  • Quelex®, Harmony® or Rezuvant® Herbicides
  • Nutrifuse™ DBX Cu Foliar Nutrient

2 Apply to a minimum of 80 acres or 100% of wheat acres

3 Enroll by March 1, 2024 by contacting your Southern States Agronomy Specialist

To qualify for the Crop Plan, growers must purchase all products from authorized Southern States Cooperative, Inc. retail locations and follow their recommendations, and maintain active multi-peril crop insurance on enrolled acres.

The plan described on this page is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Southern States Cooperative Crop Plan agreement. Always read and follow label directions.

Get Started


To optimize your wheat crop, we recommend you consider these additional products to meet your wheat yield expectations.

(These products are not required to qualify for the Southern States YieldStack Assurance Program.)